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Innovation is a Muscle

Guest blogger, Rik Nauta, Donna

Hello ALTA community,

As a start-up tech company, we are very passionate about innovation. Unfortunately, working with law firms over the last three years I’ve experienced first-hand that the flow of innovation tends to be siloed. For instance, decisions might get made to make the firm more tech-powered and pilot projects are launched. But what starts with great enthusiasm soon leads to rollouts going over budget, employees losing interest and by the end of the year, the firm is essentially left where it started. So what went wrong?

I have found that innovation in many ways behaves like a muscle. If properly trained and nurtured it makes the body strong, but if left malnourished or unused it will slowly atrophy with all sorts of long-term health risks.

In the presentation I made for ALTACON I talk about how you can learn to train your firm’s innovation muscles. I examine some of the common mistakes people make when it comes to working out, as well as some of the techniques athletes use to perform at the top of their game. As you’ll see, you can apply the same mistakes and lessons to help your firm become more innovative.

Watch the presentation or go visit our blog to learn more. Sign up to the Donna gym and find out what exercises you can do to foster creativity and encourage new ideas at your firm!

At Donna, we thrive on feedback from the legal community. Feel free to say hello or send us any feedback, ideas, or even any gripes you have about MS Word. You’ll find us in the chat on www.donna.legal.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Rik Nauta
CEO and co-founder