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Enhancing Real-Time Transcription with a Touch of Innovation

Guest Blogger, Law In Order

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide real-time transcription screens, in addition to evidence presentation screens, to be used by arbitrators and senior counsel in a state dispute international arbitration.

Our client had many documents in evidence with multiple versions and different language translations. When cross examining witnesses, interpretation services would be essential.

As interpretation itself can be in dispute, navigating easily and quickly in the transcript would be important for time efficiency and precision.

The arbitration had time limits, so precision and productivity were a high priority to ensure time utilisation was maximised.

The Solution

The real-time transcription solution enabled scrolling to earlier sections. This allowed users to navigate to sections in question, clarify hard to understand accents, follow interpretation, and annotate and copy portions of text instantaneously. Users could then easily return to the current scrolling text.

The system also maximised desk-space. Using low-profile monitor arms and touch screens removed the need for a keyboard and mouse, allowing room for documents and bundles. Configured to client specifications, with the evidence screen on one side and a touch-screen with real-time on the other, positioning the monitor arms on the table edge gave a clear view of the Tribunal, witnesses and counsel.

Language barriers were addressed by interpretation integrated into the live transcript.


  • 24-inch touch screen monitors to run the live transcription.
  • Interpretation booths for interpreters.
  • Channel 1 – English channel.
  • Channel 2 & 3 – non-English channels.

The interpretation worked alongside the evidence presentation, integrating into the audio system and the non-English to English interpretation was provided to the stenographer for the transcription.

The touch screens were positioned to facilitate the counsel, judge or arbitrator’s operation to enable maximum efficiency, accuracy and speed.


  • Easily incorporated into any eArbitration where real-time transcription is running through LEXEL, with the added benefit of multiple features.
  • The system is easy to navigate using hyperlinks and side by side mode.
  • Ideally the system should be mounted so users can stand without leaning.
  • Low barrier to entry as everyone understands touch functionality.
  • Low cost – hire of touch HD monitor and laptop to facilitate touch function.

The Outcome

We received positive feedback from the client and all parties associated with the matter expressed their satisfaction with the solution’s functionality.

Your Project

For complex international arbitration matters, integrating interpretation is an effective feature.

Within the time constraints of a Chess-Clock Arbitration, expediating legal processes is paramount. This innovation is essential to further streamline the operation.

If you are interested in understanding how our services might benefit you and your team, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free discussion on sales@lawinorder.com