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The WALTA Subcommittee .

WALTA’s subcommittee works hard on creating a powerful identity for WALTA and developing a strategy on how to empower and support women in Australian legal technology.

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Amanda Fajerman

Chair of WALTA
Engagement Manager at Barhead Solutions

Amanda is the Chair of WALTA having been on the ALTA Board since 2023 and part of the WALTA subcommittee since its launch in 2021. She is currently Barhead’s Engagement Manager for Consensus (a matter management and contract lifecycle management system) and a Legal Technology Evangelist, believing passionately in providing legal technology solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem. She was previously the Head of Legal Technology at LOD, and has previously held roles in the Australian Cyber Law Institute and as a Geeky Guru for the Centre for Legal Innovation. Amanda thrives on the opportunity to create technology solutions for legal teams, and brings 18+ years of experience in legal and consulting roles. She was the winner of the inaugural ALTA awards, WALTA champion for Change in 2022, a finalist in the Women in ICT Awards in 2023 and a finalist in the Women in Law Awards Innovator of the Year in 2019. Amanda passionately believes in WALTA’s mission and values – in particular, creating actionable outcomes to pave a legacy for the women of legal technology of tomorrow.

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Elena Tsalanidis

Elena Tsalanidis

COO and Co-Founder at Deeligence

Elena is an ex-lawyer and legal operations expert, who loves bringing order to the chaos through the implementation of great processes and automation. Elena is the COO and Co-Founder of Deeligence, a company that leverages AI to convert the manual, tedious process of managing transactions into a better way to get deals done.

A passionate advocate for women in the legal profession, and formerly Vice President of Victorian Women Lawyers, Elena is excited to join the WALTA committee in 2024. In her free time, you can find Elena sampling Melbourne’s amazing brunch scene at a delicious café.

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Verity White

Verity White

Legal Director at Checklist Legal

Verity White is an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Law and the Legal Director at Checklist Legal, a B Corp certified law firm, that specialises in commercial contracts.

Verity is the author of Create Contracts Clients Love and an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne where she taught Contract Design for Automation .

Connect with Verity on LinkedIn and Instagram for more details on her current projects.

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Erin Kanygin

Legal Transformation Lawyer at Gilbert + Tobin

Erin is delighted to join the WALTA subcommittee having been a proud ALTA member since 2022.

Erin works as a Legal Transformation Lawyer at Gilbert + Tobin where she specialises in legal automation projects, artificial intelligence, and other forms of digital disruption. Erin has a passion for access to justice and has a particular interest in how technology can help enable access. Erin has been working in the legal innovation space since completing her J.D. at Melbourne Law School in 2019.

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