WALTA Mission

WALTA aims to empower and inspire women in legal technology through a collective spirit of collegiality, collaboration and community. WALTA stands proudly as a committee under the umbrella of ALTA.

WALTA Projects

WALTA Membership

Join ALTA to be part of the WALTA community and pave the path for women in legal technology of tomorrow.

To be part of WALTA, you must be Women who are ALTA members or Advocate Members and identify as a legal technology professional. You do not need to be a legal technology founder, however, you should display a strong interest as part of your career or otherwise through thought leadership in legal technology.

WALTA History

June 2021

At Jodie Baker’s keynote presentation at ALTACON21, ALTA/WALTA released its PEXA sponsored research paper ‘Diversity in Legal Tech – It’s Time for Action’. The report highlighted three ‘calls to action’ which both legal technology and the broader legal industry could focus on in relation to funding, visibility and voices for female founders and participants in Australian LegalTech.

19th August 2021

WALTA hosted a Think Tank Discussion, resulting in 3 Working Groups focused on the 3 ‘call to actions’ outlined in the paper and led by members, Lisa Dowie (PEXA), Shamila Gopalan (HerWit) and Kathy Constan (LodgeX):

Between August and November 2021

The Working Groups workshopped the initiatives that would create real action and change in the diversity of the Australian legal tech landscape.

November 2021,

WALTA hosted a second Think Tank on how to take action on diversity in LegalTech. Attendees heard from special guest Jo Stewart-Rattray, risk and technology security expert, committed to increasing the representation of women in technology leadership and the tech workforce more broadly. The outputs of these Think Thanks established WALTA’s three key project initiatives outlined above.

December 2021

The ALTA board approved the formation of the WALTA subcommittee being led by Karen Finch, Jodie Baker, Lisa Dowie and Amanda Fajerman.

January 2022,

WALTA were delighted to welcome PEXA as the official WALTA partner.

April 2022

The Women of Australian Legal Technology Association officially launches, announcing a range of new initiatives at a cocktail reception at Collins Square, Melbourne

July 2022

The Women of Australian Legal Technology Association hosts an in person and virtual working lunch to project plan the first WALTA initiative, the ePlaybook.

November 2022

The Women of Australian Legal Technology Association launched the first WALTA initiative, the WALTA Playbook, a comprehensive downloadable guide for women in LegalTech. .

WALTA Calendar of Events

The WALTA community meet quarterly to push forward the WALTA initiatives and to fulfil our mission to create real diversity and empowerment for women in the legal tech industry. WALTA members can join our closed WALTA LinkedIn group to stay informed on upcoming events and news about our community.

WALTA Playbook Global Launch – November 2022

We launched the WALTA Playbook on Wednesday 30 November via an online global event. Find out more about this incredible resource here.

Working Lunch – July 2022

Our July 2022 Working Lunch launched our first WALTA project, ‘The WALTA EPlaybook’.

Launch Event – April 2022

The official WALTA Launch took place on the 28th April 2022. Check out the action!

WALTA News & Articles

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WALTA Values

In order to ensure that WALTA fulfils its mission to empower and inspire women in legal technology, the WALTA Subcommittee has created a set of underlying core values which guides all our decision-making and actions.  The WALTA Values are:


inspire and be inspired


we see you, we hear you, we stand by you


diversity of thought, diversity of people


be brave, be bold, break the mould


a safe place to support through hardship and celebrate success


creation of ideas leading to action-oriented outcomes


pave the path for the women in legal technology of tomorrow.

Interested in Learning more?

WALTA’s subcommittee are working hard on creating a powerful identity for WALTA and developing a strategy on how to empower and support women in Australian legal technology. Join WALTA on linkedin and ensure that you are on our mailing list to be the first to hear more information in regards to events and project initiatives.