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Directory / Social Media Initiative

So much of the WALTA Research Report findings on ‘visibility’ related to the need for women to increase their personal branding, to elevate the female voice, and to support and raise visibility of one another. Social media was seen as the best way to raise the profile of female founders, including structured social media campaigns, social media/branding training, and providing practical guidelines to elevate and support WALTA members through their social media journey.

The WALTA Directory will act as a directory of female legal tech founders with a huge difference. Unlike ordinary directories, our WALTA Directory will feature the women behind the legal tech companies, include their photo, their stories and their companies. We want to make visible the WALTA legal tech companies AND the incredible women behind these organisations. It is also intended that the WALTA Directory act as the key link to showcase WALTA Members to the broader industry and act as the initiator of change amongst law firms, LIV, and other industry groups.