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Cloud-First Services Are Key to Creating an Agile Offering for your Clients

Guest blogger, Bundledocs

We know that technology is moving at an ever increasing pace globally. This can bring both challenges and opportunities for organisations, not least additional costs and skill requirements.

According to a recent report from Dell and Intel, the industry leaders of tomorrow are already using technology to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over their peers. It’s well documented that Cloud first services can offer an important source of strategic advantage and transform digital capabilities for businesses.

What do we mean by agile? Put it simply it’s the ability to move quickly and easily or in a business context, it’s a companies’ ability to identify and adapt to new opposition by implementing changes quickly and effectively.

But how can cloud solutions create a more agile offering for your clients?

Cloud platforms can help your business to activate new digital customer experiences in days rather than months and enable your teams to work seamlessly and collaboratively from any location. A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that business agility was the primary reason for 32% of respondents when choosing to adopt the cloud.

Forward-thinking businesses have already begun to incorporate cloud into their risk-assessment frameworks and decision making on risk. According to a recent report from Mckinsey Digital executives have traditionally been nervous to move to cloud because of security concerns whereas the reality now is that the security offered by cloud service providers often outstrips companies individual capacity.

Take Bundledocs for example, we have been awarded ISO 27001 certification, the recognised international standard for information security – the only electronic document bundling software to have received this accreditation. The certification is awarded to businesses that can prove their systems protect user information both internally and externally.

At Bundledocs, demand for our paperless solution has increased by over 40% in recent months as Covid 19 meant remote working became the norm for so many professionals in the legal space and beyond. By switching to our cloud based solution they now benefit from continuous software updates with new functionalities and features added regularly.

Bundledocs market leading cloud software is the ultimate tool for today’s paperless lawyer, now sold in over 30 countries worldwide – once you take the first step, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the advantages of the cloud.

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