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Hour of Power #6 Event Wrap Up

by ALTA Intern, Chiquita Shaw

Welcome to ALTA’s Hour of Power #6 – a regular, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology businesses. Each business has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers get the benefit of seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in one short hour.

Co-hosts of today’s session are: ALTA Vice President, Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours and ALTA President, Michael Pattison, CEO and Founder of ContractProbe.

This Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

  1. LastPass (password management)
  2. Anika (free online legal assistance)
  3. STACT (construction and infrastructure compliance, dispute resolution)
  4. dazychain (matter management)
  5. Client Sense (business development)
  6. Law In Order (legal solutions provider)
  7. RuleStar (no-code document automation)

View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters. You can also view the individual short videos and summaries below.

Today’s sponsor for the Hour of Power is LastPass, a password management company backed by LogMeIn, one of the world’s largest SaaS providers. Lloyd Evans starts us off with a compelling fact that 47% of data breaches in the legal sector last year was due to compromised passwords!

LastPass helps legal providers to secure their reputation and information, by providing password management solutions, by using an extra layer of security through biometric-based MFA (multi-factor authentication), and adding ease by unifying login options – all on one platform.

Visit www.lastpass.com/solutions/legal-services

For more information or a demo contact Lloyd Evans
Tel. 0459 291 385
Email: Lloyd.Evans@logmein.com

Noel Lim then joins us from Anika Legal, a not for profit with a vision to ensure anyone can access legal assistance. Anika Legal has built an online platform to achieve this. Anika Legal’s model involves law students assisting lawyers in casework, expanding the capacity for lawyers to assist clients.

Anika Legal’s demonstration takes us through firstly, an online intake process linked to clients’ SMS, website or email, that only takes a minute to determine clients’ eligibility for their service. It also allowed clients to upload documents, and share more of their story, which flows into Anika Legal’s case management system. In this system, data is sourced securely, and users can access data visualisation which is also linked to this information, for example, tracking case outcomes and status across the organisation, capacity.

Find out more about this not for profit legaltech at www.anikalegal.com

Contact Noel Lim, CEO, Anika Legal
Telephone: 0480 016 398
Email: noel@anikalegal.com

Next we have Lee Price from STACT – an AI system aimed to alleviate disputes in the construction and infrastructure industry. For background, 70% of construction projects are disputed, as the industry often faces cost overruns, and complex compliance obligations with legislation and contract terms.

STACT uses AI to assist parties with compliance of their contract terms, and collects and visualises data to ensure parties have line-of-sight on compliance. STACT is also currently developing an AI tool that will help to be a decision-maker in dispute resolution in this industry.

Visit www.stacttech.com to find out more.

Get in touch with Lee Price, Founder & Managing Director, Stact Tech
Telephone: +61 2 8875 7813
Email: lee@stact.tech

Katherine King then joins us from dazychain, which is one of the earlier pioneers in the legal tech space in Australia. Katherine is the CEO of Yarris Technologies, the group that designed dazychain, and she is the co-founder of dazychain as well.

dazychain is designed for corporate counsel, who work with a multitude of parties; internal clients, their team, external legal providers, typically without a unified system. dazychain brings matters, people, documents and reporting into one place. On the platform, matters can be created and are integrated with emails and document management systems. dazychain also supports the measuring and visualisation of data, whether it be resource capacity, spend or contract expiry dates.

Visit www.dazychain.com to learn more.

Contact Katherine King, CEO, Dazychain
Tel. 1800 827 650
Email: katherine.king@yarris.com

Client Sense
It’s then time for us to hear from Client Sense – one of ALTA’s founding members – and Tom Caplin joins us to introduce the legal tech solution. Client Sense is a business development solution for professional services firms, providing a holistic perspective of their client relationships. Client Sense has strong experience working with range of mid-tier law and accounting firms.

Client Sense’s demonstration shows how it automatically tracks client data and engagement, to see which business groups are interacting with which clients, and in which office a client relationship is linked to. This data is automatically collected, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Another feature of Client Sense is their Contact Card feature, gathering client information (e.g. titles, location, LinkedIn details) from email signatures – which then can be used to send out tailored campaign materials to clients, referrers and prospects.

To find out more about Client Sense visit https://clientsense.com/

Contact Steve Tyndall, CEO and Founder, Client Sense
Email: steven.tyndall@clientsense.com

Law In Order
Robyn Kidd, Global Head of Managed Review and General Counsel of Law in Order, then joins us. Law In Order is a solutions provider of legal services, creating bespoke solutions for each client by helping legal teams with a range of tasks including forensic collection of information, early case assessment and review and e-hearings.

Today’s demonstration from Law In Order includes a case study of managed document review, where the team can apply AI to order documents for review by priority, organise emails, and assist in workflow management. The team also has experience with helping legal teams with regulatory responses, where working directly with the clients’ legal teams, Law In Order can directly support in brief creation and drafting of responses.

Find out more at www.lawinorder.com.au

Robyn Kidd, Global Head of Managed Document Review and General Counsel, Law In Order
Telephone: 1300 004 667
Email: sales@lawinorder.com

Our final presenter today is Ben Rosswick from Rulestar, a no-code document automation platform. Rulestar, powered by SmarterDrafter, has just launched in recent months, and today’s demo shows how it uses complex logic to automate documents.

Rulestar lets users fill out a smart online form, that visualises and applies lawyers’ logic, to draft a custom document. Rulestar leverages the logical structures of coding language, but in a clear MS Word output format. Rulestar’s documents are created to the quality of an expert lawyer – so quality is assured!

Visit https://rulestar.com/

Contact Ben Rosswick, Chief Operating Officer, SmarterDrafter
Email: ben.rosswick@smarterdrafter.com.au

Wrapping up

Finishing just on the hour we thank everyone who attended the live broadcast and acknowledge our ALTA hosts Karen Finch and Michael Pattison who ensure ALTA is able to showcase all member representative’s presentations in a short sharp format just under the hour. View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters.

The next Hour of Power will be held on Thursday 29 July. If you are interested in presenting your company’s products , services or brand to the wider legaltech community contact events@alta.law to express your interest in the next Hour of Power.