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Hour of Power #12 Event Wrap Up

We were delighted to welcome our legaltech community to our final Hour of Power for 2022, kindly hosted by Vice President, Horace Wu (Syntheia) and Immediate Past President, Michael Pattison (Contractprobe). It’s always great to have Horace and Michael so ably guide our members and online audience through a dynamic hour of legaltech showcases and offer further insights on the featured 4 minute demos of some of the best legal tech in the market,  including:

1. RapidMATION’s App for Legal
2. Josef’s automation platform including DocuSign integration
3. InfoTrack’s verification of identity solution
4. Lext’s dispute negotiation application, Resolva
5. Litigaze’s scenario analytics feature
6. Family Property’s integration with Smokeball
7. Smarter Drafter’s many features including a self-service portal

View the On Demand recording of the live broadcast. Check out the individual demo videos below and feel free to reach out to each of our member representatives and trial these fantastic legaltech products, platforms and solutions.


We kicked off with rapidMATION and Rudi van der Walt talked us through rapidMATION’s latest development, an app for law firms and their clients. See how you can give your clients full visibility into exactly where they are in a matter: anytime, anywhere, any place. This will allow you to use an innovative way to communicate with clients efficiently and securely.

Contact: Rudi van der Walt
Tel. +61 2 8003 3582
Email: rudi@rapidmation.com
Visit: https://www.rapidmation.com/solutions/rapidmation-app-for-legal/

Josef Legal

Next, Michael introduced Laura Quinton, Business Development Lead for Josef, who joined the session to introduce Josef’s very recently launched native DocuSign integration where you can now automate documents & signatures all in one place. Josef is a no-code legal automation platform used by the world’s best legal teams to automate day-to-day tasks like matter intake and triage, legal guidance and advice, and drafting common documents.

Contact: Laura Quinton, Business Development Lead
Mobile: 0413894789
Email: laura@joseflegal.com


Kristy Bullcock, Head of Products at InfoTrack joined the broadcast. Not only is InfoTrack an ALTA member, they are also our Strategic Partner and their support ensures that we can continue to run these sessions and other industry events to showcase our legaltech to our community. Kristy presented an indepth demo on InfoTrack’s Verification of Identity solution in action.

Contact: Kristy Bullock
Tel. +61 2 8203 7600
Email: kristy.bullock@infotrack.com.au
Visit: https://www.infotrack.com.au/


One of our newest ALTA members, David Turner, Founder of Lext Australia, showed us the fantastic online dispute resolution platform, Resolva, that uses behavioural economics, game theory, and sealed bid, second price bidding to help small businesses settle disputes fast, without lawyers, courts or mediators.

Contact: David Turner
Tel. +61 2 8313 6590
Email: david.turner@lext.com.au
Visit: https://lext.com.au/


We were delighted to welcome back Len Hickey, Founder and CEO of Litigaze, a quantitative evaluation tool for complex litigation strategies. Len showcased a new feature called Scenario Analytics, which enables better litigation insights with the power of perspective.

Contact: Len Hickey
Email: len@litigaze.com
Visit: https://www.litigaze.com/


Horace welcomed Therese Aroyan, Product Owner of FamilyProperty to the microphone who showed us the seamless, one-platform experience between Smokeball and FamilyProperty for lawyers and mediators, for a better, faster, and more collaborative way to work with clients and other professionals.

Contact: Therese Aroyan
Email. hello@familyproperty.com.au
Visit: https://www.familyproperty.com.au/

Smarter Drafter

And lucky last we welcomed Andrew McDuff, Sales Director for Smarter Drafter to talk about the many features within the document automation platform including the Self-Service Portal. You can now offer your firm’s services by embedding forms directly into your website and clients can create and purchase customised documents themselves or send them to you for revision.

Contact: Andrew McDuff
Tel. +61 2 9137 2167
Email: andrew.mcduff@smarterdrafter.com.au
Visit: https://smarterdrafter.com.au/


And that’s a wrap for our last Hour of Power for 2022!

Thank you to all our presenters and to all of our attendees who tuned in. A huge thank you to our ALTA Founding Partner, Macquarie who continues to support our Aussie legaltech year on year. Thank you also to our Strategic Partner, InfoTrack and international partner, netdocuments. We also extend our thanks to PEXA our Women of ALTA Partner.

You can view the On Demand recording of the live broadcast and please do get in touch with our ALTA member representatives for more information on their legaltech solutions.

If you are interested in participating in an Hour of Power in 2023 as a member or a sponsor please do get in touch by emailing contact@alta.law.