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Hour of Power #11 Event Wrap Up

By ALTA Intern, Farsai Powthong

Welcome to ALTA’s Hour of Power #11 – our regular, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology business. Each business has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers benefit from seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in for a short hour.

This month ALTA’s Hour of Power, held on Thursday 21 July, and hosted by ALTA CEO, Morag Latta and David Cooper, State Segment Head – Legal at Macquarie Bank. Macquarie Bank is our founding annual partner of ALTA, and we are very grateful for their support which helps us deliver great events like our Hour of Power.

This Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

1. Syntheia (contracts Super Comparer)
2. LodgeX (e-conveyancing and property solutions platform)
3. Syncly (modern integration platform)
4. Forsetti (search engine system)
5. Hivelight (productivity system)
6. Pro Help Legal Australia (legal video connection platform)
7. Due Diligence Software (mergers & acquisitions platform)
8. Markster (trademark management platform)

View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters. You can also view the individual short videos and summaries below.


We kick off with one of our seasoned legaltech members, Horace Wu, Managing Director of Syntheia. Horace demonstrates Syntheia’s new Super Comparer feature which helps to review
transactional contracts with ease.

Contact: Horace Wu, Managing Director
Mobile: +1 646 400 1987
Email: horace@syntheia.io
Visit: www.syntheia.io



We are delighted to welcome back Kathy Constan, CEO of LodgeX, an Aussie legaltech company offering e-settlement, e-conveyancing and property solutions. Kathy will take us through a new time saving alternative platform called Lapp.

Contact: Kathy Constan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: 1300 LODGEX (1300 563 439)
Email. info@lodgex.com.au
Visit: www.lodgex.com.au


Now we will hear from Stewart Rasmussen, Founder of Syncly, a modern integration experience that is focused on enabling the connection of your cloud tech stack together.

Contact: Stewart Rasmussan. Co-Founder and CEO
Mobile: +61 422 600 441
Email: stewart@syncly.io
Visit: www.syncly.io


Forseti Resources

Welcome to one of our newest ALTA members. Susan Anderson to showcase Forseti, a numeric search engine which uses the numbers legal professionals know to provide the precise information they seek.

Contact: Susan Andersen Legal Director,
Forseti Resources
Telephone: +61 (7) 3188 5791
Email: info@forseti.com.au
Visit: www.forseti.com.au



We welcome another of our new ALTA LegalTech members, Ashley Kelso, Founder of Hivelight. Hivelight is a powerful new practice productivity system for solicitors and barristers and makes it easy for lawyers to grow their practice by solving the fundamental challenges of how legal teams coordinate, manage, and perform their work.

Contact: Ashley Kelso, Founder and CEO
Mobile: +61 417 594 603
Email: ashley@hivelight.com
Visit: www.hivelight.com

Pro Help Legal Australia

A familiar ALTA and WALTA face joins us, Karen Finch who also heads legaltech company, Pro Help Legal Australia. Karen showcases this innovative platform that  provides connects lawyers and clients via a secure, encrypted video connection service with several features, including calendaring, native in-meeting API, and more. .

Contact: Karen Finch, Director
Pro Help Legal Australia
Mobile: +61 411 460 221
Email. kfinch@prohelplegal.com.au
Visit: www.prohelplegal.com.au

Due Diligence Software

Julia Scott is the founder and CEO of Due Diligence Software, a single platform to make mergers & acquisitions easier and faster by automating the legal due diligence process.

Contact: Julia Scott, Founder and CEO
Due Diligence Software
Email: julia@doitwithdue.com
Visit: www.doitwithdue.com



Kate McAlister joins us and is the Co-founder of Markster – a platform that helps legal teams more easily manage the trademarks under their care.

Contact: Kate McAlister, Co-Founder
Mobile: +61 412 474 116
Email: info@markster.com.au
Visit: www.markster.com.au


Wrapping up

Thank you to all our presenters and to all of our attendees who tuned in. A huge thank you to our ALTA Founding Partner, Macquarie who continues to support our Aussie legaltech year on year – and particular thanks to David Cooper from Macquarie for sharing the hosting duties with our ALTA CEO, Morag Latta.

View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters.

Our next Hour of Power is scheduled for Thursday 22 September at 12noon and details will be released soon. If you are interested in sponsoring an Hour of Power session please do get in touch by email contact@alta.law