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Law In Order and ALTA: Investing in the Future of Law

Law In Order has become a founding partner of the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA), as part of its strategy to invest in the future of law.

ALTA provides a community to Australian legal technology companies for information sharing, collaboration and building the presence of Australian legal technology on the global stage. Its mission is to foster Australian legal technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

“The legal industry is ripe for disruption. It takes only one significant change to the way things have always been done to drastically alter the profession. With the rapid change in the way that law is now practiced, we need to be on top of all the technologies and developments for our clients. The courtroom of today no doubt will look different to one in five years’ time,” Julian McGrath, Managing Director of Law In Order said.

ALTA was born over a lunch conversation between Jodie Baker, founder and CEO of Xakia Technologies and James Odell, Managing Director Australia and Asia Pacific, at Elevate in January 2017.

“There was a need for a community; an ecosystem for legal technology developers in Australia. A group that start-ups could tap into for this knowledge and a place where we could collaborate to bring new developments to market,” Jodie Baker said.

A month later, a small band of Australian legal technology start-ups met in Sydney bar and ALTA was born.

“Legal innovations in Australia have exploded and there is demand for more. Having significant partners like Law In Order come on board allows ALTA to provide a shared forum of knowledge to help legal technology businesses avoid mistakes, learn quickly and achieve their goals faster,” Stevie Ghiassi, ALTA President and founder of Legaler and Legaler Aid said.

To date, the focus at ALTA has been on collaboration, shared learning, cross referrals, corporate tax structures, raising funds, building a presence in offshore markets, tools for managing software development, marketing strategies and much more.

“We found ALTA’s focus on legal technology and artificial intelligence a perfect fit for Law In Order. Our aim going forward is to assist legal teams achieve winning outcomes in the digital era. Our managed document review, eDiscovery, analytics, technology assisted review and forensic collections services enables us to give our clients the data insights they need, quickly and efficiently,” Paul Gooderick, Director of Law In Order, said.

ALTA runs ‘demo days’ around Australia showcasing how Australian legal technology is changing the future of law. Leading providers conduct rapid fire demonstrations followed by a question and answer session. Other events include member meet-ups for providers to swap ideas and information.