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Hour of Power #2 | Event Wrap-Up

by ALTA Intern, Ben Fong

Welcome to our coverage of the second ALTA Hour of Power – a monthly, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology businesses.

 Each business only has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers get the benefit of seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in one short hour.

 This Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

  1.     dazychain (matter management)
  2.     RedView (add-ons for matter management)
  3.     Client Sense (client relationship management)
  4.     LawPath (electronic signatures)
  5.     Cognitive View (research service)
  6.     LodgeX (electronic settlement and conveyancing)
  7.     Syntheia (contract clause automation)
  8.     Josef (no-code automation)
  9.     Checkbox (no-code automation)


Dazychain is a matter management platform for in-house legal teams. It prioritises visibility over the team’s work and contribution. Some stand out features in the demo include the ability to set and delegate tasks across an entire legal team – and enable hand over to other lawyers in the team (or external firms).

 Request a demo at www.dazychain.com.


RedView is a suite of software that enhances your existing practice management software. CEO Stephen Butler launches into a demo of the Business Information Console which helps manage the process of taking a lead and turning them into a client. Next he runs through some of RedView’s fee and billing functions. There’s an Outlook integration which records time and prompts the lawyer to allocate it to a matter. And there’s also a mobile time recording app.

Request a demo at redraincorp.com.

But time’s up – onto the next pitch.    

Client Sense

Client Sense is a data-driven relationship dashboard – by pulling information directly from emails, it aims to improve firm relationship management and drive firm revenue.  Steven opens the client dashboard for a hypothetical client. It displays an impressive amount of information and analysis, broken down into colour-coded graphs. The best part is, that everything on screen – right down to social links for each ‘lead’ – has been drawn out of emails by AI. Not bad for a dashboard.  

Request a demo at clientsense.com – contact: Steven Tyndall.


LawPath is ‘Australia’s leading legal software platform for businesses and individuals’. It’s a fair call – it’s hard to make any comparison to the runaway success of LawPath’s well-known document/lawyer marketplace. LawPath sells directly to the public, so is a little different to the previous pitchers.  Today, LawPath is demoing a new eSignature feature. Chris launches into an impressive demonstration of a drag and drop NDA document creation and execution process. It’s simple, entirely browser-based, and done in less than 5 minutes.

 It’s easy to see why so many Australian businesses have turned to LawPath for their legal needs – maybe you’ll be the next one that does.


For more info visit LawPath.com.au – or call 1800 529 728.

 Cognitive View

Cognitive View is a Regulatory Technology business – they help their clients respond to rapidly evolving regulatory obligations.

Dilip Mohapatra founded the business, and is demoing their AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority) focused service – AFCA Insights. The service provides a full determination database including advanced filtering, summaries, full-text complaints and thematic/keyword tagging for easy research.

For more information go to https://cognitiveview.com/.


LodgeX is a sleek electronic conveyancing and settlement solution for the PEXA-enabled world. LodgeX’s founder and CEO, Kathy Constan, provides an excellent video pitch covering its history (the first e-settlemenbt agency in Australia), client base (lawyers, conveyancers, financial institutions, developers, corporates) and legal use cases (property, family, estates).

 The process for electronic settlement is incredibly simple: create booking, review and verify with LodgeX team, confirm financials, and wait for settlement. 

Dom congratulates Kathy as a finalist in the Innovation Awards run by PEXA this year. And then it’s onto the next pitch.  To get started, head to lodgex.com.au.


Syntheia operates in the knowledge space – empowering lawyers to collect, manage, share and apply legal knowledge in a more efficient way. Managing Director, Horace Wu, talks about how most law firms need to reuse contractual clauses and information. He launches into a slick demo showing how a contract can be imported, read over by a machine, relevant clauses extracted, converted into a clause bank, and applied in future. It’s a great idea – that machine learning can help humans draft faster and better. 

For a demo, visit syntheia.io today.


Josef is one of two no-code automation platforms on today’s pitch list – a service that allows lawyers without coding experience to design automated legal workflows. Tom Dreyfus opens up the Josef coding view, which looks like a flowchart/WYSIWYG web editor – and shows how it can create either a responsive form (or a chatbot).

Dom mentions their impressive case study list – from big firms (Herbert Smith Freehills; MinterEllison) to some smaller firms. 

 To find out more, visit joseflegal.com.

  1.     Checkbox.ai

Rounding out the pitches with a second no-code platform is Checkbox.ai – it aims to ‘empower anyone to build automation solutions’. 

Checkbox has 3 main use cases, according to founder and CEO, Evan Wong: intake and triage; document generation; review and approval tasks.

Evan dives into a demonstration of how a document can be automated entirely through drag-and-drop flowcharts. No coding. No mathematics. No problems.

He has time to show off an integration with Xakia – a practice management platform – before pulling up the final product; a fully formatted word document. It’s a thing of beauty.

To request a demo, visit checkbox.ai today.

Wrapping up

Dom and Karen wrap up the session. They remind the audience that they can (and should) get in contact with the presenters directly if any caught their interest.

For this reporter, the Hour of Power went quickly – watching 60 minutes of tightly rehearsed demos does have its perks over an afternoon spent sifting through sales and marketing copy.

The next Hour of Power will be held online soon. Head to the ALTA Events page to secure your spot in advance.