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Hour of Power #9 Event Wrap Up

By ALTA Intern, Farsai Powthong

Welcome to ALTA’s Hour of Power #9 – a regular, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology businesses. Each business has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers benefit from seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in one short hour.

This month ALTA’s Hour of Power, held on Thursday 25 November, was sponsored by NetDocuments, and further supported by annual and founding partners Macquarie and Law In Order. The hosts of today’s session are Horace Wu, founder and CEO of Syntheia and Vice-President of ALTA, and Michael Pattison, Immediate Past President of ALTA, founder and CEO of ContractProbe.

This Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

  1. NetDocuments (document management)
  2. FirmChecker (marketplace)
  3. Consensus (contract management)
  4. Settify (expert system)
  5. Xakia (legal operations)
  6. rapidMATION (document automation)
  7. Pro Help Legal Australia (marketplace)
  8. LodgeX (expert system)
  9. Rightful (marketplace)

View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters. You can also view the individual short videos and summaries below.


NetDocuments is the leading cloud based document management solution with enterprise level security. In this demonstration, Jennifer Cathcart, Regional Manager, APAC, shows how lawyers can interact with some of the key features when managing a document within NetDocuments, including how the can easily integrate Docusign in the process.

Visit netdocuments.com

Jennifer Cathcart, Regional Manager, APAC
+61 420 496 787


FirmChecker is like the trip advisor of the legal profession in Australia and helps 600+ firms stand out online and gain a competitive edge through detailed and unique ratings and reviews. Ben Farrow, CEO of FirmChecker presents two new features – the new search algorithm tool and booking feature. The platform is about to release a beta booking engine that will help clients capture leads on FirmChecker efficiently and manage those matters. FirmChecker is also launching a new podcast that features lawyers on FirmChecker and gives helpful advice to service seekers in the industry.

Find out more at firmchecker.com.au

Contact: Ben Farrow, Managing Director
+61 414 144 300


Amanda Fajerman, Engagement Manager takes us through Consensus, an end-to-end contract lifecycle and matter management app for legal, procurement and contracting teams built on the Microsoft power platform. The contracting process can start with a business user entering a self-service portal to request a new contract with an easy-to-use interface. Users are guided through a questionnaire to capture key information thereby reducing manual data entry. Users can edit, upload and manage version histories as the contract is negotiated.

Visit barhead.com/consensus/ to find out more and contact

Contact: Amanda Fajerman, Engagement Manager
+61 402 107 006


Max Paterson, CEO and executive chair of Settify presents the world’s leading client intake systems in the areas of family law, wills, probate, and estate disputes. Settify is able to interact with clients in their own time, and in their own space. It gives clients useful initial information that helps orient their understanding particularly of the family law process.

Visit settify.com.au to learn more.

Contact: Max Paterson, Executive Chair
+61 413 740 064


Jodie Baker, CEO introduces Xakia’s internal client portal which offers a platform that helps in-house legal teams to easily create requests and track and collaborate on those requests within a central application. This streamlined workflow ensures a better user experience for both the internal business client and in-house legal team

Visit Xakiatech.com to find out more.

Get in touch with Paul Wyatt, Head of Sales, APAC
+61 481 469 465

Next up, we hear from Shaun Leisegang, CEO of rapidMATION. rapidMATION is all about the way tomorrow works and helps unlock people’s potential, outperform your competition and become future ready through intelligence automation. Today Shaun introduces LegalTasker, an internal marketplace for legal work that is designed to improve resource utilisation across the firm.

Visit rapidMATION.com

Contact: Shaun Leisegang
+61 477 931 400

Pro Help Legal Australia
Karan Finch launches Pro Help Australia at ALTA’s Hour of Power #9. Pro Help Legal Australia revolutionises the way Australians access legal services both in the pro bono and paid legal service markets. Pro Help Legal Australia provides an encrypted video connection service with several features including calendaring, native in-meeting API, and much more. It is Australia-specific and is geofenced and customised to truly adapt and address Australian requirements and needs.

Find out more at prohelplegal.com

Contact: Karen Finch Founder and CEO
+61 411 460 221

LodgeX is an e-conveyancing solution for legal practices, conveyancers, financial institutions and many more. LodgeX offers a one stop solution for all people’s property lodgements and settlements Australia-wide. Kathy Constan, CEO, introduces LAPP, the LodgeX booking and workflow platform for property transactions.

To view more visit lodgex.com.au and contact

Kathy Constan, CEO
1300 563 439

Rightful is a new legal marketplace that will provide users with the ability to book barristers, solicitors and paralegals online instantly. Users will be able to access reviews of each practitioner and see their most recent posts and profile. They will be able to add practitioner’s to their matters and eliminate paper through bulk ebrief uploads saving time and money. Rightful is currently in its final testing phase and will be released to the market shortly. If you’re interested in learning more about the Rightful marketplace, please contact Chris Dobbs, +61 401 308 898, chris@rightful.com.au.


Wrapping up

With much conversation and insights into the various LegalTechs during the session, our Hour of Power wrapped up just a little after 1pm. Thank you to our LegalTech community who attended the live broadcast and we acknowledge and thank our ALTA hosts Horace Wu and Michael Pattison who ensure ALTA is able to showcase all member representative’s presentations in this popular short, sharp format.

View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters.

The next Hour of Power series will be held in 2022. If you are and ALTA Member and interested in presenting your company’s products , services or brand to the wider LegalTech community contact events@alta.law.