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Hour of Power #8 Event Wrap Up

By ALTA Intern, Farsai Powthong

Welcome to ALTA’s Hour of Power #8 – a regular, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology businesses. Each business has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers benefit from seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in one short hour.

This month ALTA’s Hour of Power was sponsored by PEXA, and further supported by annual and founding partners Macquarie and Law in Order. The co-host of today’s session are Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours and Vice-President of ALTA, and Michael Pattison, President of ALTA and CEO of ContractProbe.

As always some of the best LegalTech were on show, in short 4-minute demonstrations! Karen also interview’s PEXA chief customer officer Lisa Dowie in the half time break.

This Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

  1. BePrepared (digital records management)
  2.  InfoTrack (legal operations)
  3. Syntheia (knowledge management)
  4. Rulestar (document automation and client in-take)
  5. PEXA interview with Lisa Dowie
  6. Boulevard Global (compliance)
  7. Client Sense (client relationship management)
  8. LawMaster (legal operations)
  9. ContractProbe (dealtech)

View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters. You can also view the individual short videos and summaries below.

First, we have Dylan O’Brien, a new ALTA member showcasing the BePrepared app. The BePrepared app is a secure white-label platform that helps estate lawyers deliver a comprehensive modern service by providing a closed system to manage and distribute a client’s digital assets after they pass away.

Visit thepreparedcompany.com/

Dylan Meyer-O’Brien, CEO, The Prepared Company
+61 431 424 520

Second we have Marieken Van Ewijk from InfoTrack. InfoTrack is an impressive company that has office technology that integrates with over 30 practice management systems. Today Marieken showcases, E-company, a legaltech product that makes a company registration easy to do and so easy that your client could do it themselves. There are up to 35,000 opportunities to establish work with E-company from InfoTrack.

Find out more at infotrack.com.au

Contact: Marieken Van Ewijk, Head of Consumer e-Commerce and Digital, InfoTrack
+61 2 8203 7600

Onto our next speaker of today and Horace Wu joins us from Syntheio. Syntheio assists lawyers needing access to helpful information to help them do their work. Syntheio does this by giving lawyers applications that solve the problem in a single click. This is done by extracting helpful information from static documents from your law firm and delivering that information right where lawyers are working.

Visit syntheia.io to find out more and contact

Horace Wu, Managing Director, Syntheio
Email: Horace@syntheia.io

Next up, we have Anthea Strydom to talk about Rulestar, a no-code platform that puts the development of a product in the users’ hands. The software ensures that lawyers can use their time efficiently and enables them to preserve their expertise and make it more accessible to their team to deliver expert legal services, without distractions from providing services that may have inconsistencies or invalidate their documents. The system assists lawyers with developing intelligent questions to streamline legal service delivery and make your service more tech-enabled and service-led.

Visit rulestar.com to learn more.

Anthea Strydom, Legal Automation Specialist, Rulestar
+61 2 9137 2167

Our half time break has arrived and Karen Finch interview’s Lisa Dowie, the chief customer officer of PEXA, discussing Women of ALTA (WALTA) and PEXA’s upcoming property X innovate awards. PEXA is the sponsor of this month’s Hour of Power and also sponsored the WALTA research report, “Diversity in LegalTech – It’s time for action.” The research report can be downloaded for free at www.alta.law/research-reports. PEXA is the world’s first digital settlement platform and has revolutionized the way we exchange property in Australia by providing quicker access to the proceeds of a sale and near real-time tracking on property settlements. PEXA’s network of financial institutions and legal and conveyancing firms help over 20,000 families safely settle their homes each week.

To find out more about PEXA and the Innovate X Awards visit pexa.com.au

Lisa Dowie, Chief Customer Officer, PEXA
+61 3 7002 4500

Boulevard Global
Michael introduced Boulevard, a new member of ALTA and first appearance at our Hour of Power. Boulevard is the only end-to-end digital company registry and investor relations platform specifically designed for the private sector. Matt Mills takes us through how Boulevard can make life easier for commercial and corporate lawyers and allow them to help their clients more effectively with equity capital raising.

Find out more at www.boulevardglobal.com and contact

Matt Mills, Head of Growth and Emerging Technology,
+61 414 285 826

Client Sense
Our next speaker is Kate Power, from Client Sense. Client Sense is a data-driven business development and client retention solution designed specifically for professional services firms. Kate takes us through how Client Sense provides its solution and builds specifically for professional business firms.

View more at www.clientsense.com and contact

Kate Power, Business Development Manager, Client Sense

Law Master
Next up, we are joined by Kevin Day from Law Master, Australia’s long-serving legaltech product of 30 years ago. Law Master is working with New Zealand firms, and over a decade of collaboration has been at the forefront of development of the most comprehensive and integrated practice management software. Today, Kevin and the team talk us through Law Master’s integrated practice management platform.

To view more visit www.lawmaster.com.au and contact

Kevin Day, Legal Solutions, Law Master
0414 597 464

Elizabeth O’Brien from Contractprobe joins us for the final demo. ContractProbe helps lawyers respond more quickly to incoming documents. Previously on the Hour of Power, ContractProbe demonstrated features that can be tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs. Today Elizabeth demostrates how ContractProbe easily identifies, organises and deals with contract markups made by the other party.

View more at www.contractprobe.com and contact:

Elizabeth O’Brien, Head of Customer Service, ContractProbe
+61 411 221 839

Wrapping up

Finishing just on the hour we thank everyone who attended the live broadcast and acknowledge our ALTA hosts Karen Finch and Michael Pattison who ensure ALTA is able to showcase all member representative’s presentations in a short sharp format just under the hour. View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters.

The next Hour of Power will be held on Thursday 25 November. If you are and ALTA Member and interested in presenting your company’s products , services or brand to the wider LegalTech community contact events@alta.law or complete the Expression of Interest.