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Hour of Power #7 Event Wrap Up

By ALTA Intern, Farsai Powthong

Welcome to ALTA’s Hour of Power #7 – a regular, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology businesses. Each business has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers benefit from seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in one short hour.

The co-host of today’s session is Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours and Vice-President of ALTA, and Michael Pattison, President of ALTA and CEO of ContractProbe.

This Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

  1. LastPass (password management)
  2. Mosmar (document drafting solutions)
  3. ansarada (digital deal management platform)
  4. Mattero (practice management)
  5. Legal Tech Helper (document automation)
  6. InCounsel (LegalTech consulting)
  7. Toro Digital (digital marketing)
  8. InMailX (email management)
  9. Performance Leader (feedback software)

View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters. You can also view the individual short videos and summaries below.

The first speaker of today’s Hour of Power is Lloyd Evan from event sponsors, LastPass.

Lloyd talks about why password management is so important. There is the misconception that ransomware is a leading indicator of cyber incidents, but this is not true. Lloyd states that the problems of passwords occur as a result of human behaviour and cognitive dissonance.

LastPass provides the tools needed to secure your organisation and centralise control of employee passwords and apps. Lloyd explains how firms can protect and maintain their reputation and, as a result, acquire new customers. LastPass assists in automating long, complex passwords for employees and authenticates using biometric authentication and adaptive technology, as well as a single sign-on capability to help firms stay protected against all identity threats.

Visit www.lastpass.com/solutions/legal-services

For more information or a demo contact Lloyd Evans
Tel. 0459 291 385
Email: Lloyd.Evans@logmein.com

Mosmar Snippets
Rebecca Painter, CEO of MOSMAR, provides an insight into their Snippets clause library solutions. MOSMAR focuses on helping their clients perform better for their clients.

Workers spend 520 hours a year, over one day of work each week, on mundane tasks that could easily be automated. Many documents drafted in a day contain common elements. MOSMAR provides a simple solution to this issue and instantly recognises value and productivity gain.

MOSMAR’s Snippets clause library is a simple solution embedded inside Microsoft Word and Outlook and integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint 365. It provides a configurable library and folders to help users browse and select contents they require to supplement the documents. The content that snippets brings to the document will adopt the format, styling, and numbers automatically.

Find out more about snippets at www.mosmar.com.au/software/snippets/

Contact Rebecca Painter, CEO
Telephone: 0419 609 906
Email: rebecca@mosmar.com.au

We then welcome Joel White from ansarada an end-to-end digital deal management platform. Using ansarada on your deals will ensure regulatory compliance via digital audit trails. Ansarada offers services to reduce risk through project management tools, drive productivity and secure personal and firm data.

Joel explains how ansarada digital deals operates and demonstrates how it works based on the demo project platform. Ansarada allows users to adjust public and private data and have a practical deal completion checklist.

Joel also presented a new model of ansarada deals, which was rebuilt and adjusted to a more effective solution.

Visit www.ansarada.com to find out more.

Get in touch with Joel White
Telephone: 0408 407 784
Email: joel.white@ansarada.com

Next, we have Chris Porter, Chief Solutions Officer for mattero. Mattero is a practice management software designed explicitly for small legal teams that use the 365 Outlook platform.

Mattero is a new product with a team of over 30 years of experience in legal technology behind its development. It delivers a simple, intelligent, intuitive solution. Chris explains the effectiveness of setting up and operating mattero in small firms and in-house corporate teams. Mattero does not require technical assistance to set up and can be used on any device. It also integrate with accounting software Xero.

Watch the demo to find out more about mattero’s new product features.

Visit www.mattero.com.au/ to learn more.

Contact Chris Porter, Chief Solutions Officer
Telephone: 1300 135 214
Email: marketing@mattero.com.au

Legal Tech Helper
Our next presenter is Samantha Lovrich, Co-Founder and CEO of Legal Tech Helper.

Samantha has developed Legal Tech Helper to build legal technology that empowers people. Legal Tech Helper helps law firms, legal services, and organisations build out their digital services and automate documents to meet their clients’ needs. Legal Tech Helper offers custom-build legal products and builds a digital front door with automated intake and triage.

Samantha presented the new web application launching in August 2021. Legal Tech Helper’s new application, ‘the divorce helper,’ is a tool targeting women to help them navigate separation and divorce. Contact Samantha if you wish to see an early preview of the Legal Tech Helper web application.

To find out more about Legal Tech Helper visit www.legaltechhelper.com.au/

Contact Samantha Lovrich, Co-Founder and CEO
Telephone: 0419367968
Email: samantha@legaltechhelper.com.au

David Bushby is the managing director at InCounsel a curated marketplace of legal professionals who has quietly built an independent LegalTech consultancy service.

InCounsel now help legal teams select and implement the right tools, and integrate them with existing systems. InCounsel also helps tech vendors succeed with customers by offering outsourced professional services, allowing vendors to focus on their core technology offering.

This year David expanded his core team, welcoming Barry Wang and Daniel Lee Aniceto, legal engineers who offer services to InCounsel’s clients to complete their work successfully.

Find out more at www.incounsel.com.au

Contact David Bushby, Managing Director
Telephone: 0414 274 168
Email: david@incounsel.com.au

Toro Digital
Our next presenter is Paul Evans from Toro Digital. Toro Digital has been a massive part of ALTA’s support from the beginning including providing digital and tech support to ALTA and ALTACON. Toro Digital helps firms use digital marketing to build deeper relationships with clients.

Toro Digital offers legal marketing advice and assists lawyers in thinking strategically on how to present their practice expertise to clients. Paul explains the importance of original thinking and an effective marketing strategy. Find out more from Paul about the four truths to digital marketing for law firms.

View more at www.torodigital.com.au

Contact Paul Evans, Managing Director
Telephone: 03 8362 3729
Email: paul.evans@torodigital.com.au

Megan Kennedy, inMailX by Digitus business manager joins us with a demonstration of inMailX, an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity solution. InMailX combines email, attachment, content, time, print and brand management into a single Outlook add-in.

Megan explains inMailX’s user-friendly risk management compliance and productivity allowing users to rename and reorder attachments, convert attachments to PDF, clean metadata attachments, and passwords protecting sensitive attachments and more all within the confines of your email.


To view more visit www.inmailx.com

Contact Megan Kennedy, Business Development Manager
Telephone: 0404 807 167
Email: megank@inmailx.com

Performance Leader

Finally, our last speaker is Paul Lemon, of Performance Leader. Paul explains the five main tools that a performance leader offers.

The ‘fast feedback’ tool allows employers to give recognition and comments to other colleagues. The ‘Plans’ tool allows individuals to collaborate with others and put their strategies into action to link up and share their common goals. The ‘objectives’ tool also allows users to interact and share their updates on an ongoing strategy. The ‘reviews’ tool allows users to review the assessments and performance of people in their teams.

Finally, the ‘debriefs’ tool allows employers to reflect on their achievements and client’s feedback on the end project.



View more at www.performanceleader.com/

To request a link to the product demo contact

Paul Lemon, Director, Business Development
Telephone: 0452 612 779
Email: paul.lemon@performanceleader.com


Wrapping up

Finishing just on the hour we thank everyone who attended the live broadcast and acknowledge our ALTA hosts Karen Finch and Michael Pattison who ensure ALTA is able to showcase all member representative’s presentations in a short sharp format just under the hour. View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters.

The next Hour of Power will be held on Thursday 30 September. If you are and ALTA Member and interested in presenting your company’s products , services or brand to the wider LegalTech community contact events@alta.law or complete the Expression of Interest.