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Hour of Power #5 | Event Wrap-Up

by ALTA Intern, Chiquita Shaw

Welcome to ALTA’s Hour of Power #5 – a regular, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology businesses. Each business has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers get the benefit of seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in one short hour.

Co-hosts of today’s session are: Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours and Vice-President of ALTA, and Dominic Woolrych, CEO, Lawpath and ALTA Board Events Director.

This Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

1. MatterX (matter management, document automation)
2. eBrief Ready (online brief creation and management)
3. Syntheia (contract drafting)
4. ContractProbe (contract drafting)
5. Family Property (tools for family law matters)
6. LawPath (legal software for small businesses)
7. Josef (no-code automation)


Today’s Hour of Power sponsors, MatterX, starts us off.

Co-founder Casey Byrnes explains how MatterX is built by DataChef, an IT consultancy that specialises in building technological solutions for law firms. MatterX is a software solution for law firms, built upon Microsoft 365, that integrates a law firm’s finance, matter management and legal operations under one platform.

Casey then takes us through a demo on how a lawyer can use MatterX to seamlessly create a matter, automate workflow across devices and teams. .

Find out more at www.matterx.legal
Contact Casey Byrnes or David Diamond, Co-Founders, DataChef Australia

Email. hello@matterx.com

Visit www.matterx.legal

eBrief Ready

We then welcome Stephen Foley, surely a familiar name to many, given his involvement in legal tech in Australia for the last 30 years.

Used by over 8000 users in Australia, eBrief Ready is a secure online platform that lawyers can use to access, share and create briefs. eBrief ready also includes additional features such as OCR, which allows searches and annotations to be made on all documents, creation of reports, and manage document access. These features create convenience and efficiency when creating briefs, with the average time to create a brief cut down from 2.5 hours with a traditional physical brief, to just 15 minutes with eBrief Ready.

Contact Stephen Foley, Managing Director, TA Law, Email. stephen@talaw.com , Tel 03 9020 4456

Find out more at www.ebriefready.com.au


Horace Wu, Managing Director of Syntheia, then calls in all the way from the US. Horace explains Syntheia – a knowledge software for lawyers that provides “drafting assistance that goes beyond template precedents”.

Today’s demo shows Syntheia’s drafting assistance tool, that works within Microsoft Word. Syntheia can find multiple precedents for specific clauses in contracts, which can be combined and refined in real-time. It can also do this just based on key words, giving information and control to lawyers when drafting contracts.

For more info visit www.synetheia.io 
Contact Horace Wu, Managing Director, Syntheia

Email Horace@syntheia.io


ContractProbe helps users to draft contracts better, and today’s demo has Elizabeth O’Brien share the new Microsoft Word add-in.

This new tool allows lawyers to work with ContractProbe directly in Microsoft Word, to review and edit contracts alongside the ContractProbe software. This software can review different kinds of contracts, for example, a supplier agreement, and provide drafting suggestions and comments. Any comments or changes can then be exported in an easily-read table format for ease of communication.

For more information contact Michael Pattison, CEO & Founder, ContractProbe
0411221839 or email. michael@contractprobe.com



Shannel Fanous , Business Development of Family Property describes how their software allows users to streamline and manage family law matters.

Shannel then gives us a sneak peek into Family Property’s new feature: parenting plan. This feature allows users to manage co-parenting between separated parents in a convenient way, including the ability to: input parents’ preferences for birthdays and public holidays, and integrate a visual view of these arrangements on a calendar format.

Learn more about FamilyProperty at www.familyproperty.com.au
Contact CEO, Fiona Kirkman on 0420376252 or email fionak@familyproperty.com.au


Dominic Woolrych – also our co-host for today – then presents Lawpath, which builds software for small businesses to help them with legal tasks.

Today’s demo features Lawpath’s (free!) new e-signature tool, which can be used with pre-existing documents or documents created on the Lawpath platform. This tool can manage and request signatures in a streamlined manner, saving time and giving ease of mind.

For a demo, visit www.lawpath.com.au
Contact Dominic Woolrych, CEO on 
1800 529 728 or email dom@lawpath.com


Last but not least, Josef CEO Tom Dreyfus wraps us up. Presenting Josef, a no-code automation tool that provides accessibility to legal tech and improves efficiency in legal workflows. Today’s demo shows how any user can build a chatbot to automate the creation of an employment contract.

Josef is also currently hiring and has launched an internship in legal tech – so check out their website for more information.

Request a demo at www.joseflegal.com/demo
Contact Tom Dreyfus, CEO, Email: Tom@joseflegal.com

Wrapping up

Finishing just on the hour we thank everyone who attended the live broadcast and acknowledge our ALTA hosts Karen Finch and Dominic Woolrych who ensure ALTA is able to showcase all member representative’s presentations in a short sharp format just under the hour.  View the full recording and commentary with each of our presenters.

The next Hour of Power will be held on Thursday 27 May. If you are interested in presenting your company’s products , services or brand to the wider legaltech community contact events@alta.law to express your interest in the next Hour of Power.