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Hour of Power #3 | Event Wrap-Up

by ALTA Intern, Chiquita Shaw

Welcome to our wrap up of the third ALTA Hour of Power – a monthly, hour-long pitching session for Australian legal technology businesses.

Each business only has 4 minutes to pitch, meaning that viewers get the benefit of seeing a ton of #LegalTech pitches in one short hour.

Kindly sponsored by Matter X, the February Hour of Power’s pitches are from:

  1. MatterX (matter management, document automation)
  2. Mitimes (timesheet management)
  3. Xakia Technologies (matter management for in-house legal teams)
  4. Checkbox.AI (no-code automation)
  5. WiseOwl Legal (matter management)
  6. RapidMATION (automation specialists)
  7. Smarter Drafter (document automation)
  8. Cognitive View (research software)
  9. Litigaze (litigation decision-making)

You can view the full recording of the February Hour of Power #3 here.


First cab off the rank is MatterX, who is the sponsor for the February ALTA Hour of Power!

Built by Datachef in partnership with Microsoft, MatterX is a practice management software comprised of an ecosystem of secure, connected programs. David Diamond, one of the founders of MatterX, demo’d the integration between the Microsoft 365 platforms and across devices – from matter creation, document automation to billing. For example, creating a matter can trigger the setup of a ‘team’ in Microsoft Teams, saving precious time previously wasted by manual processes. Users can access MatterX on a subscription basis and contact David Diamond directly emailing david@datachef.com.au or their team at hello@matterx.legal.


Next we heard from Kirsten Rillo, CEO of Mitimes. Mitimes aims to get more time and more billable hours for your firm, by automatically linking activities from calendar, phone and email activity to manage time! Mitimes is cloud-based and syncs across devices, making timesheet management convenient.

To find out more email Kirsten at kirstenr@mitimes.com  or visit the company website here.

Xakia Technologies

Jodie Baker, CEO of Xakia Technologies (and of course, a co-founder of ALTA) then spoke to her in-house legal practice management platform. Xakia is suitable for all kinds of in-house legal teams, from small teams of two, to large and international in-house clients. To put it simply, Xakia aims to bring one simple solution to bring information together about who was working on what, and for whom.

Jodie’s demo showed a visual viewpoint on matters, deadlines and priorities. This could be leveraged to create visual dashboards as well to analyse the data from the matters, to assess which kind of matters were higher in value, or more complex. For more on Xakia and to request a demo visit the website here.

Checkbox AI

Evan Wong from Checkbox AI, a no-code legal automation platform, then came to show how Checkbox AI streamlines a hypothetical delegation of authority process. Using a drag and drop process to automate workflows, CheckBox AI can present a questionnaire that takes users through the delegation of authority process. This means – no more memorising matrices or diagrams of the authority structure, when the right people are notified and asked for approval by email through Checkbox AI!

Contact Evan and request a demo at www.checkbox.ai.

WiseOwl Legal

We then heard from Gemma at WiseOwl Legal, a web-based, practice management software company. With extra security arising from two-factor authentication, Gemma showed us how WiseOwl Legal handles activities from contact management (useful for your marketing lists!), billing, trust accounting, to timesheets. There is also search integration with SAI Global, Xero, Quickbooks, and calendars. If you want to know more, reach out to Gemma and founder, Karen McDonald at WiseOwlLegal


Shaun Leisegang then came to speak on how his team of intelligent automation gurus, custom build automation for their clients. Shaun demo’ed a robotic process automation (RPA) bot in action for an ASIC search. Besides that, these bots can also automate conflict checks, leave requests or title searches – or whatever it is that the client needs to built! RapidMATION automation can also conduct UI, opening websites and conducting searches.

For more on RapidMATION visit Shaun and the team at www.rapidmation.com

Smarter Drafter

Smarter Drafter is a document automation and knowledge management company. Ben Rosswick took us through the process of generating an employment contract (hypothetically, for a particular former Geelong Cats player…) through a simple, questionnaire format. Documents, such a letter of offer, or a contract, are then generated automatically, based on the responses to the questionnaire!

Smarter Drafter offers a wide variety of documents and precedents to cover drafting for all sorts of scenarios. Visit www.SmarterDrafter.com.au and watch a live demo.

Cognitive View

Dilip Mohapatra, Director of Cognitive View, then demo’ed how his software simplifies research into AFCA cases. Dilip showed how Cognitive View summarises the AFCA decisions, whilst linking users to the original AFCA decision as well as other similar cases. We were also showed how users are able to use a search function that filters their search by product lines, company names and key words. Additionally, Dilip then showed how Cognitive View can also use data to generate current and emerging trends in the area, showing which complaints are on the rise or which compliance issues have been prominent!

Find out more about how this software works at www.cognitiveview.com


Last but not least was Len Hickey, CEO and Founder of Litigaze, a decision-making software that makes sense of litigation complexity. Len showed us how Litigaze visually plans out the decisions that arise in litigation, and how his software can consider probability of outcomes and accordingly, the potential financial outcomes from those decisions. Parties deciding whether to settle or pursue litigation can use this platform to make decisions with data and consider probabilities, stepping away from those gut-feeling decisions.

Interested in seeing Litigaze in action? Visit www.litigaze.com and try it for free.

If you are interested in exploring any of these demos further, please feel free to reach out to the presenters directly or view the recordings here. Thank you again to our event sponsor MatterX and our annual partners, Macquarie, Law In Order and Donna Legal.

The next Hour of Power will be held online on 25th March. Head to the ALTA Events page to sign up and keep updated with the latest Australian legal tech developments.