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Hour of Power #13 Event Wrap Up

We were thrilled to welcome our legaltech community to our first all Women of ALTA (WALTA), Hour of Power on 23 February, hosted by our WALTA Director Amanda Fajerman. Amanda is a LegalTech evangelist with Consensus from BarHead was joined by our ALTA CEO, Morag Latta to co-host this milestone event of all female founder members showcasing the best in Australian legaltech to the market, including:

  1. Legal Tech Helper
  2. My Life Capsule
  3. workchapters
  4. Confidentially Speaking
  5. Law On Earth
  6. icourts
  7. AllyOne

The event was proudly supported by our WALTA Partner, PEXA who has been such an important supporting partner this last year which has really helped us achieve so much for our Women in LegalTech initiative. Check out the half time interview with our WALTA Director, Amanda Fajerman and Jenny Poposki, General Manager of Engineering at PEXA talking about why its so important to elevate, promote and champion women entrepreneurs and particularly in the Tech start up space.

You can view the On Demand recording of the full live Hour of Power broadcast, Or check out the individual demo videos below and feel free to reach out to each of our member representatives and trial these fantastic legaltech products, platforms and solutions.

LegalTech Helper

We kicked off with a familiar ALTA member, Samantha Lovrich who talked about how Legal Tech Helper is enabling legal service providers to create great digital experiences for people who need legal help. Sam’s demonstration of the MHLC Online Help service steps through some of the key features of the platform, including research-informed guided pathways, automated document generation and its customised and user-friendly user interface, and the benefits of designing services to reduce the cognitive load on users.

Contact: Samantha Lovrich, CEO and Co-Founder
Email. samantha@legaltechhelper.com.au
Tel. 0419367968
Visit www.legaltechhelper.com.au

My Life Capsule

Next up we welcomed Pam Moorhouse, CEO and Founder of My Life Capsule, an ultra-secure data and file-sharing solution for personal information. Pam demonstrated the My Life Capsule privacy-first client engagement solution for family and estate lawyers and financial service providers to engage with clients efficiently and securely to mitigate corporate security risks and enhance client relationships.

Contact: Pam Moorhouse, CEO & Founder
Email. pam@mylifecapsule.com
Tel. 0401742515
Visit. www.mylifecapsule.com


Kirsty Mastores, Director and Co-Founder of workchapters, together with Yvonne Schmaedeke joined us online to showcase their legaltech platform for fixed-price tech-enabled HR and Employment Law solutions ahead of their official product launch. workchapters was born out of a collective vision to make employment law and HR/people solutions truly accessible to businesses, all on the one easy-to-use platform.

Contact: Kirsty Mastores and Yvonne Schmaedeke, Directors and Founders
Email. hello@workchapters.co
Tel. 0448 195 888
Visit: www.workchapters.co

Confidentially Speaking

One of our newest ALTA members, Elise Margow, Founder and CEO of Confidentially Speaking showcased this innovative online platform that enables SMEs to prepare for both transactional and dispute resolution negotiations using the CS Hub and negotiation preparation framework. Elise provided an overview of the three products – a Do-It Yourself, Simple Solution and End to End Negotiation Preparation services.

Contact: Elise Margow, Founder and CEO
Email. info@confidentiallyspeaking.com.au
Visit. www.confidentiallyspeaking.com.au

Law On Earth

Katie Richards, CEO of Law On Earth joined the WALTA Hour of Power to showcase a telelaw and probono law platform teaching the public how to self-act. Law On Earth offers anyone including those living in remote and regional areas, and those with limited financial means, access to quality legal help 24/7. During the Hour of Power Katie also demonstrated the education series of several different topics that assists in training junior lawyers.

Contact:Katie Richards, CEO and Founder
Email. hello@lawonearth.com
Tel. 1300 66 46 88
Visit. www.lawonearth.com


We were delighted to welcome Rebecca Grant to speak about icourts and its investigations data hosting and consulting services, leveraging integrated analytics features and AI. Rebecca’s demonstration highlighted the issues around the ever-increasing volumes of data, disparate systems and multiple communication channels that build compounding complexities for investigators. Rebecca explained how icourts has helped many organisations simplify and streamline their internal investigations workflow using powerful document review platforms such as RelativityOne.

Contact: Rebecca Grant, Executive Director & Founder
Email. contact@icourts.com.au
Tel. 1300 007 701
Visit. www.icourts.com.au


And lucky last we welcomed another of our newest ALTA members, Joanne Rees, Founder of AllyOne. Joanne explained how the AllyOne platform manages expectations between buyers of legal services and their law firms by aligning realistic commercial outcomes with the effort required and the costs involved.  Understand how the innovative AllyOne platform, online change management education and data analytics combine to inform current and future projects.

Contact: Joanne Rees, CEO and Founder
Email: allyone@allygroup.com.au
Tel. +61 2 5104 3170
Visit. www.allyone.com.au

And that’s a wrap for our first all WALTA members Hour of Power! 

Thank you to all our presenters and to all of our attendees who tuned in for the live broadcast on Thursday 23 February. A huge thank you to our ALTA Founding Partner, Macquarie who continues to support our Aussie legaltech year on year. Thank you also to our Strategic Partner, InfoTrack and international partner, netdocuments. We also extend our thanks to PEXA our Women of ALTA (WALTA) Partner.

You can view the On Demand recording of the live broadcast and please do get in touch with our ALTA member representatives for more information on their legaltech solutions.

If you are interested in participating in an Hour of Power in 2023 as a member or a sponsor please do get in touch by emailing contact@alta.law.