/  ALTA Sponsorship Policy.


ALTA is the world’s first legal tech association bringing together Australian-owned legal tech organisations with legal professionals who want to engage, collaborate and connect directly with legal tech products and services.

ALTA exists to ‘promote the development of Australian information and communications legal technology resources, including promoting the development of Australian founded start-ups operating in the legal technology industry.’

ALTA offers membership to Australian companies focused on developing legal technology products. Companies eligible for full membership include:

  • Australian-founded legal technology start-ups
  • Fully or majority Australian-owned legal technology companies
  • Companies who have made a significant contribution to the establishment of ALTA that otherwise do not meet the membership criteria
  • Others as approved by the ALTA Board.

Any individual with an interest in supporting legal technology working at a company that is not eligible for membership can join ALTA as an Advocate. Advocates do not have voting rights.  Companies can also join as an Advocate Company. These companies are not eligible to become an ALTA Member.

1. Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

ALTA is seeking to enter mutually beneficial relationships with organisations committed to advancing Australian legal technology and innovation by supporting ALTA.

These organisations may be ALTA Members, ALTA Advocates or other organisations serving the broad legal community.

There are two main types of relationships that ALTA enters – partnerships and sponsorships.

1.1 Partnerships

Partnerships are typically an annual, strategic relationship, where the organisation works closely with ALTA to support the delivery of key ALTA programs.

In return for their support, Partners are given a range of entitlements, which typically includes category exclusivity, meaning ALTA will not partner with another organisation in their product/solution category for that program.

ALTA Partners are typically the only non-members able to exhibit or demonstrate their products alongside ALTA members.

1.2 Sponsorships

Sponsorships are typically one-off relationships revolving around a specific ALTA event or activity. Sponsorship opportunities include a range of entitlements. These entitlements typically do not include opportunities to exhibit or demonstrate products alongside ALTA members.


2. Type of Opportunities

The types of partnership and sponsorship opportunities available are defined by the ALTA Board and detailed in the annual ALTA Partner Information Kit or in program-specific Information Kits.


3. Eligibility

ALTA is an active, leading member of the global legal technology community and supports collaboration with this community to drive innovation and technology adoption in the broader legal community.

However, ALTA also recognises that many of its members directly compete with international legal technology vendors who may be interested in ALTA partnership or sponsorship opportunities.

To minimise the impact on members while still supporting engagement with the broader legal tech community, ALTA strives to carefully balance the types of organisations it enters relationships into.

As such, international legal tech vendors are invited to take up the exclusive category of ALTA International Partner. International legal tech vendors taking up this exclusive partnership may be competitors of ALTA members.

From time to time as circumstances arise, ALTA may consider, at the board’s discretion, International Legal Tech Vendors who provide broader offerings and and/or provide services to members, for Partnership/Sponsorship opportunities.  This may include resellers of international legal tech.


4. Application Approval

If you would like to become ALTA partner, please contact sponsorships@alta.com.au and indicate which package you would like to apply for.

The ALTA Board approves all applications to become an ALTA Partner or Sponsor via the board director responsible for the Sponsorship portfolio.

The board’s decision is in its sole and absolute discretion and no correspondence will be entered into.