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At Red Marker, we offer AI powered compliance tools to reduce the time, effort and cost of your compliance process. With our powerful machine learning platform, we automatically analyse digital content for probabilistic compliance risk, and can provide a workflow solution to manage the compliance process.

Our core services include:
Website scanning for compliance risk
Document scanning for compliance risk
Convert legal checklists into digital rules

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Employee #1 Name : Clare, Dengate Thrush
Employee #1 Email : clare@redmarker.ai
Employee #2 Name : Mark, Wood
Employee #2 Email : mark.wood@redmarker.ai
Employee #3 Name : Soujanya, Raj
Employee #3 Email : soujanya.raj@redmarker.ai

Year Established : 2016
Company Tagline : AI Powered Compliance

Company Type : Established
Customers : BigLaw, Corporations, Government
Tech Category : Compliance, Marketing / Communication