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We pair flexible technology with a consulting mindset to help law firms to:

– Build a culture of accountability for behaviours and results
– Clarify and align strategic and client objectives
– Develop, engage and retain talented partners and employees
– Stimulate productivity, innovation and collaboration

Employee #1 Name : Ray, D’Cruz
Employee #1 Email : ray.dcruz@performanceleader.com
Employee #2 Name : Pat, Fitzgerald
Employee #2 Email : patrick.fitzgerald@performanceleader.com
Employee #3 Name : Paul, Lemon
Employee #3 Email : paul.lemon@performanceleader.com

Year Established : 2007
Company Tagline : Performance Leader supports law firms to develop a vibrant feedback culture.

Company Type : Established
Customers : BigLaw, Government, Small Law Firms
Tech Category : Consulting, Practice Management