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My Life Capsule

My Life Capsule is a privacy-first client engagement solution that assists family, property & estate lawyers with their client engagement.

It also helps minimise the logistical and emotional stress of clients experiencing stressful life events such as separation, divorce, relocation, and end-of-life planning and management.

My Life Capsule’s partner capsules assist legal service providers to:

– Improve client engagement & retention with secure data & file sharing
– Enhance client wellbeing, organisation & family connection
– Reduce approval, advice cycles & abandonment when documents, or details from documents, are not at hand
– Reduce corporate risk by mitigating fraud & identity theft and fostering Consumer Data Rights with GDPR & CDR compliance
– Extend market reach through family engagement & shared data access.

With a web portal and mobile apps now active in more than 40 countries, My Life Capsule’s client portal helps individuals and families to organise their data and files, protect and control their privacy, and securely share their important information.

Target Market
Community legal practice
Medium Law Firm
Small Law Firm
Sole Practitioner
Type of Legal Tech
Client relationship management (CRM)
Legal Practice
Children’s Law (child protection)
Elder Law
Family Violence
Health & Disability Law
Human Rights
Immigration and Refugee Law
Not-for-profit & Charity Law
Personal Injury Law
Wills & Estates (Succession)