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LeadPoint Automated Mortgage Services

Leadpoint Automated Mortgage Services, a Legal and Regtech practice, delivers to Lenders and their Customers a market leading rapid, secure, and seamless solution for Brokers and Customers to review, complete and ESign their Doc Packs WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF LOAN APPROVAL in one easy step, anytime, anywhere, and at scale. 10, 100 or 500 mortgages per day, all delivered in 5 minutes 24/7/365, whilst also helping the environment. Our OneStep and OneView solutions continues our strong history of innovation in the mortgage service industry.

Our OneStep solution enables Lenders to automate and complete the documentation and Esigning process within minutes of loan approval, in one seamless and rapid step. Corrections and re-works are completed just as quickly. Simply amend your data and resend your request to us.

Lenders, Brokers and their Customers also enjoy the benefits of our new OneView Solution. OneView delivers advanced automated SMS and Email communications to all parties throughout the settlement process. The OneView Portal Dashboard provides Lenders with an instant and comprehensive view of their customers, applications and settlement status, all from one screen. OneView also delivers to Brokers and Customers transparency, ease of use, timely and comprehensive reporting, and an embedded chat function.

Leadpoint also have services that accommodate Lender’s current processes and has the expertise and tools to assist Lenders to transition from analogue processes to our automated and digital solutions.

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