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InfoTrack is a leading innovator in technology. We provide an integrated platform that enables our clients to find, analyse, organise and communicate information efficiently and effectively. InfoTrack has been at the forefront helping businesses through technology innovation for over 19 years and has a deep understanding of the legal and conveyancing industry with over 8,000 legal clients across Australia.

Our mission is to provide integrated searching and innovative services for professionals, businesses and individuals with property, company and personal search needs.

InfoTrack offers technology which integrates with over 30 practice management systems designed to improve your firm’s system and process efficiencies, plus tools to mitigate risk if undertaking due diligence and support with transitioning to electronic conveyancing.

InfoTrack offers over 4,500 different products, all of which you can access with a single login. We streamline your access to data and make it easier to interpret. Our key solutions are delivered with flexibility so our clients can adopt as little or as much of the full end-to-end electronic conveyancing solution as needed.

Target Market
In-house legal department
Large law firm
Legal educator
Medium Law Firm
Small Law Firm
Sole Practitioner
Type of Legal Tech
Document automation
Legal research
Practice management
Legal Practice
Commercial Litigation
Property Law