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FamilyProperty (and LawSwitch)

FamilyProperty is an exciting new tool that streamlines the entire family law property settlement process through a unified platform and empowers you to focus on outcomes not admin. The FamilyProperty vision is to empower separated families with an end to end solution that helps them save time, money, relationships and dignity.

Built for the entire family law ecosystem, from lawyers and mediators, Family Relationship Centres, through to the general public, FamilyProperty brings a much needed techy boost to property settlements that is long overdue, replacing the traditional manual and disconnected approach of using Word and Excel, whiteboards and emails. It combines intake forms, interactive balance sheets, and automated documents, delivering new efficiencies and time savings.

FamilyProperty is currently being used by leading Family Law organisations, both big and small, who are experiencing the many benefits of streamlining property settlements. With FamilyProperty, they are seeing an increase in team productivity, greater employee confidence and a reduction in the time intensive and manual non-billable work. This enables family law professionals to focus more on outcomes and the work they love. It benefits families by providing a more streamlined and efficient property settlement process and greater access to justice.

Family Property members of the LawTech Hub

Family Property, who are members of our Sydney LawTech Hub, are the last startup to feature in our spotlight series. Family Property is the first platform built for family law professionals that simplifies the manual, time consuming and repetitive aspects of family property matters. It empowers you to focus on outcomes not admin and frees you up to deliver greater value and a better client experience.

Posted by Lander & Rogers on Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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