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Lawyers and paralegals lose as much as 4.3 hours a week struggling with document generation.

DocAssist provides real time, interactive document automation within the familiar environment of Microsoft Office. It is simple to use and also incredibly simple to maintain.

Most automation solutions force a wizard on you before you’ve even seen the document – it just doesn’t make sense.  Particularly when that wizard is never to be seen again after you click Go. DocAssist is the ultimate drafting tool.  The interactive pane is accessible at all times, allowing you to change your mind and select different options.  Or even leave questions blank and come back to them later.

It’s local. It’s cheap. It’s easy. Why not!

Target Market
Community legal practice
In-house legal department
International law firm
Large law firm
Medium Law Firm
Small Law Firm
Sole Practitioner
Type of Legal Tech
Document automation
Knowledge management (KM)
Legal Practice
Administrative Law
Animal (Welfare) Law
Banking & Finance
Building & Construction Law
Business & Commerical Law
Children’s Law (child protection)
Collaborative Practice
Commercial Litigation
Competition and Consumer
Costs Law
Criminal Law
Dispute Resolution (Mediation & Arbitration)
Elder Law
Environmental and Planning
Equity & Trusts
Family Violence
Gaming & Hospitality Law
Health & Disability Law
Human Rights
Immigration and Refugee Law
Information Technology
Intellectual Property
Koori Justice
Leasing Law
Native Title
Not-for-profit & Charity Law
Personal Injury Law
Privacy & Surveillance
Private International Law
Property Law
Public International Law
Restructuring and Insolvency
Sports Law
Succession Law
Tax Law
Technology and the Law
Wills & Estates (Succession)
Workplace Relations