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ContractProbe Pty Ltd

ContractProbe is a combined machine learning and expert system tool which automatically reviews a draft legal contract for a company and prepares a response to the other party on the issues with the contract. That response can be in a number of forms, including a Word mark-up or (for parties involved in tenders) a schedule of departures.

The response that ContractProbe generates can be based on a playbook provided the company, the company’s own template contract terms or on market standard for that type of contract (as discovered by ContractProbe).

The types of issues raised by ContractProbe in its response include identifying:
• clauses that are important for the interests of that particular company and are missing in the draft contract,
• clauses that are undesirable for that company, and are included in the draft contract, and
• clauses that are likely to cause disputes due to problems with their drafting.

ContractProbe’s review is totally automatic, allowing it usually to complete its review in under a minute.

Target Market
In-house legal department
Medium Law Firm
Sole Practitioner
Type of Legal Tech
Expert system
Legal Practice
Building & Construction Law
Information Technology
Intellectual Property
Leasing Law
Privacy & Surveillance
Property Law
Technology and the Law