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Tribe Family Lawyers

Tribe helps everyday Australians navigating their own way through the complex family law landscape.

Through a unique, e-commerce platform, Tribe delivers a comprehensive, menu-driven suite of fixed-price legal service products.

Australia’s first national consumer-focussed online practice is powered by a distributed workforce of experienced lawyers, directly engaged by Tribe. Our operations are genuinely virtual and 100% paperless.

Tribe’s mission is to empower and support self-managed participants in the family law system, with legal professional input where it really counts: assisting with decision-making, guiding action and providing outstanding legal documentation.

We recognise that the traditional lawyer-client relationship sometimes does not deliver value. We respect and have learnt from the needs and experiences of our people, the independent user-clients of the family law system and of our practice also, in designing an alternative. With them, we have developed the Tribe Legal Service Model: self-management + unbundled legal services + online & personal.