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Hartley Family Law is a competitive firm. We are passionate and do not like to lose cases. We like to educate our clients and achieve the best possible outcome for them. We do this through, not only the technical skills and expertise of staff, but also through dedicated teamwork and a high degree of customer service. Effective teamwork is very important to the outcomes in family law matters. It is almost impossible for one family law lawyer to achieve the best outcome for a client when they have other clients demanding their time and attention. However, best possible outcomes for a clients can be achieved through all lawyers working together, as a team on tasks, for all clients from start to finish on their matter. Whilst one lawyer may be the main contact for a client, the importance of this teamwork means that the client’s matter is always given proactive attention and is not forgotten.

Finally, winning outcomes cannot be achieved for clients without a great deal of preparation, planning and attention to detail. Unless this is done thoroughly and efficiently throughout a client’s matter, one cannot hope to achieve the best possible outcome.

We spend a lot of time with our clients planning, collating, and providing a high degree of attention to detail – by doing this, it allows us to strategize and apply beneficial tactics to clients and educate them as to how to achieve their best outcome.

We believe in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other alternative forms of dispute resolution, rather than litigation. However, we also know that litigation is sometimes necessary to protect our client’s interests and achieve the best outcome. We are not a law firm of shrinking violets, nor are we a law firm that accepts second best. We are not a firm that focuses on everyone holding hands and being friendly to each other and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. Our focus is upon you as our client and achieving what is best for you in your particular circumstances.