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Environmental Defenders Office

Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) is the largest environmental legal centre in the Australia-Pacific, dedicated to protecting our climate, communities and shared environment by providing access to justice, running groundbreaking litigation and leading law reform advocacy. We are an accredited community legal service and a non-government, not-for-profit organisation that uses the law to protect and defend Australia’s wildlife, people and places.

Since 1985, we’ve offered expert legal advice to thousands of ordinary people and community groups, taken bold and groundbreaking environmental cases to court and fought for laws that better protect our land, air and water. Our track record of legal victories spans more than three decades. We work all around the country, with farmers, conservation groups, Traditional Owners, and people from all walks of life and all manner of places – from the heart of the outback to the centres of our biggest cities.

EDO’s team of expert lawyers run powerful legal cases on behalf of clients that build stronger environmental laws, as well as helping everyday Australians protect the places they love by offering free, or low-cost, legal advice about community environmental matters.