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Law is time. Time researching, time planning, time designing, time managing – as law professionals, your firm is always on the look out for ways to minimise time invested without impacting client satisfaction or the end result.

It sounds impossible – try as you might, those billable hours keep ticking over as available minutes outweigh people power. Let us help you manage the overflow, on-flow and everything else.

Our experienced team specialise in:
Operating Models
Business Process
Case Management
Case Planning
Workflow design
Case Cycle Efficiency

Our team of qualified, insightful and experienced legal professionals combine strategy, technology and communication savvy into one precise package, ensuring every client receives the same, end-to-end service. We believe the law should serve everybody equally – we will help you, help others to achieve justice, no matter their background, budget or complaint.

The marriage between technology and streamlined processes is here. Practice smart, client serving law and make a difference with Nerve Legal.

Where will your firm be in 2 years? Over the edge, towing the line or making a difference?

Target Market
In-house legal department
Type of Legal Tech
Access to Justice
Case Management
Document automation
Legal analytics
Legal operations
Legal Practice
Personal Injury Law
Technology and the Law