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LodgeX | Electronic Settlement Agency

Regulated. Insured. Trusted.

For Legal Practices and Settlement Firms who require an efficient and trustworthy solution for transacting within the PEXA workspace, LodgeX is an independent and highly experienced electronic settlement agency. LodgeX has the systems and trained personnel that work seamlessly on all electronic settlements. LodgeX will give you the time and confidence to better focus on your clients and on your core competencies.

Employee #1 Name : Kathy, Constan
Employee #1 Email : kathy@lodgex.com.au
Employee #2 Name : Joelle, Duri
Employee #2 Email : joelle@lodgex.com.au
Employee #3 Name : Colin, Kelly
Employee #3 Email : colin@lodgex.com.au
Year Established : 2017
Company Type : Established
Customers : BigLaw, Corporations, Small Law Firms, Solo Practitioners
Tech Category : Compliance, Document Automation, Legal Operations, Online Legal Services, Outsourcing