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Document Modelling

A smart drafting platform for legal

At Document Modelling we take a data-centric approach to designing Legal Technology solutions with the big picture possibilities in mind. Our flagship product “Prose” is a smart drafting platform for lawyers helping them to draft faster, with less errors and produce beautifully styled documents. Prose interfaces seamlessly with the Prose Database for fast and secure access to a rich repository of documents, clauses and data that enables lawyers to draft quality documents in less time.

Company Phone : +61 1300 530 440

Year Established : 2018
Customers : BigLaw, Consumers, Corporations, Government, Law Schools, Small Law Firms, Solo Practitioners
Category : Analytics, Case Management, Compliance, Consulting, Contract Management, Contract Review, Cybersecurity, Document Automation, eDiscovery , Intellectual Property, Investigations, Legal Operations, Legal Research, Legal Staffing, Marketing / Communication, Online Legal Services, Outsourcing, Payment Processing, Practice Management, Records Management, Time Tracking, Training / Education, Trial Technology