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Cynapse is an end-to-end platform which transforms stakeholders’ interaction within a class action. Group members gain better access to justice by understanding their rights and prospects, lawyers gain insight into current or potential class actions, and experts fees are greatly reduced by assistive AI technology. Ultimately, we are addressing two key issues of disengagement and costs associate with class actions.

Employee #1 Name : Henry, Wu
Employee #1 Email : qy.henry@hotmail.com
Employee #2 Name : Samuel, Chen
Employee #2 Email : samuelchen@outlook.com.au
Employee #3 Name : Mei Che, Chaw
Employee #3 Email : meiche0829@gmail.com
Employee #4 Name : Akshay, Kumar
Employee #4 Email : aksh0001@student.monash.edu
Employee #5 Name : Viraaj, Akuthota
Employee #5 Email : viraajakuthota@gmail.com
Employee #6 Name : Sally, Shera Jones
Employee #6 Email : sallyshera@gmail.com
Year Established : 2019
Company Tagline : End-to-end solution for class actions

Company Type : Startup
Customers : BigLaw, Small Law Firms
Tech Category : Case Management