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Elegant Parting

Adieu enables couples to separate more collaboratively, fairly and affordably in timeframes that have never been possible before. Using our Consensus Accelerator technology, lawyers, mediators, financial advisers and accountants can bring clients to legally-sound financial and parenting agreements in weeks. Adieu was the winner of the 2018 ALPMA/LexisNexis Thought Leadership Award.

Employee #1 Name : Andrew, Wight
Employee #1 Email : andrew@adieu.ai
Employee #1 Name : Bill, Wight
Employee #1 Email : bill@adieu.ai
Employee #1 Name : Kath, Manby
Employee #1 Email : kath@adieu.ai
Year Established : 2016
Company Type : Startup
Customers : Consumers, Small Law Firms, Solo Practitioners
Tech Category : Marketing / Communication, Online Legal Services