/  HOUR OF POWER #11, Thursday 21 July 2022

HOUR OF POWER #11, Thursday 21 July 2022

Join us for ALTA’s “Hour of Power”!

This online event  features snappy four-minute presentations from leading LegalTech companies showcasing the latest developments in their business and  product offering.

This month’s program features Due Diligence, Family Property, Forseti Resources, Lawlite, Markster, Pro Help Legal, Syncly and Syntheia .

View the full program of presentations below.

Event Details

When: Thursday 21 July 2022

Time: 12.00pm to 1.00pm AEST

Online: Zoom link will be sent in the confirmation email

Event Features

Deal Tech

Due Diligence software uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create a risk report which will help law firms advise their clients on buying or selling a company or business. The software facilitates document review, communication and reporting in a single platform, adapting to users’ inputs to continually improve performance and outputs. The solution enables firms to win more work through competitive pricing and shortened delivery cycles.

IP Tech

The Markster platform helps in-house legal teams more easily manage their intellectual property. Users have transparency and oversight of their intellectual property assets, enabling them to de-risk and optimise their portfolio, be proactive and save time and external legal spend.

Legal Research

Forseti is a numeric search engine which uses the numbers legal professionals know to provide the precise information they seek. Forseti targets the purpose behind the search to yield precise search results. This eliminates the need to read through large search results and what is often irrelevant information to the true search purpose. Forseti’s first work tools assists locate comparative judgement information for general damages in Queensland by Item Number searching Civil Liability and Workers Compensation Regulations and identifying injury scale values assigned in those cases. The tool saves time and helps professionals deliver cost effective solutions for their clients.

Legal Operations

Rather than being document management focused, LawLite starts with the tasks that litigators need to do to prepare and run your cases. We then work backwards from there creating tools that help you complete these tasks efficiently and to a very high standard.

LawLite is a force multiplier. We help you work at a speed and at a level that is unachievable without the assistance of technology. By letting technology do the heavy lifting, we free lawyers up to focus their time on maximising outcomes for their practice and clients.

Expert System

We will showcase the seamless one-platform experience between Smokeball and FamilyProperty for lawyers and mediators for a better, faster, and more collaborative way to work with clients and other professionals.

In this demonstration learn how to send the FamilyProperty intake questionnaire to existing leads and matters quickly and easily using Smokeball’s Communicate platform; gather vital information for family law matters in one place, removing the need for double-data entry; view and edit parenting calendars and balance sheets directly through the Smokeball platform and access all FamilyProperty forms and documents easily from within the Smokeball precedent library.


Providing remote and 256-bit encrypted video connections with the public 24/7, Pro Help Legal Australia completely revolutionises the way Australians access legal services, both in the pro bono and paid legal service markets. Pro Help Legal Australia provides an encrypted video connection service with several features, including calendaring, native in-meeting API, and more. It is Australia specific and is geo-fenced and customised to truly adapt and address Australian requirements and needs. With Pro Help Legal Australia, all Australians can truly access live legal help anytime, anywhere!


Syncly provides law firms with a modern integration experience that is focused on enabling the connection of your cloud tech stack together. Using our no-code workflow builder, you can safety and securely enable the movement of documents and data between systems all while maintaining the control and oversight required meet your risk and compliance goals.


Deal Tech

The bread and butter of transactional legal work is the task of reviewing contracts to identify issues. Often, that means looking for differences in drafting and meaning against a precedent or a playbook. So far, the best tool for this task is redlining a document against these benchmarks. But redlining comes up short if the order of clauses are mixed up, if the language is highly varied, or if there are more than two documents. Watch how Syntheia’s “Terms Comparer” helps solve this problem.

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